Searching through your MapsIndoors data is an integral part of a great user experience with your maps. Users can look for places to go, or filter what is shown on the map.

Searches work on all MapsIndoors geodata. It is up to you to create a search experience that fits your use case. To aid you in this, there are a range of filters you can apply to the search queries to get the best results. E.g. you can filter by Categories, search only a specific part of the map or search near a Location.

See the full list of parameters:

Parameter Description Class
take Max number of Locations to get MPFilter
Skip Skip the first number of entries MPFilter
categories A list of Categories to limit the search to MPFilter
Parents A list of Building or Venue IDs to limit the search to MPFilter
Types A list of Types to limit the search to MPFilter
Bounds Limits the result of Locations to a bounding area MPFilter
Floor Limits the result of Locations to be on a specific Floor MPFilter
Near Sorts the list of Locations on which Location is nearest the point given MPQuery
Depth The Depth property makes it possible to get "x" amount of descendants to the given parent. The default for this is 1 (eg. Building > Floor) MPFilter