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This is an example of displaying some details of a MapsIndoors location

Requirements for this tutorial will be to have a running fragment or activity with a MapsIndoors Map loaded and ready to use.

We need a view that shows the details of the location. Here we will use a TextView to display the name and description of a location:

android:text="This is the text view for details of the location"/>

Once the map is ready move the camera to a Venue:

val venue = MapsIndoors.getVenues()!!.currentVenue
activity?.runOnUiThread {
if (venue != null) {
//Animates the camera to fit the new venue

We will then create a listener for when a user clicks on a marker to show the details of the selected location. This is done by setting a onLocationSelectedListener on your MapControl object. We will also listen to when the info window closes, to remove the DetailsTextView from the view. This is done by setting the onMarkerInfoWindowCloseListener on MapControl.

When a marker is clicked, get the related MapsIndoors location object and propagate that to a method that fills the text in the detailsTextView.

mMapControl?.let { mapControl ->
mapControl.setOnLocationSelectedListener {
if (it != null) {
return@setOnLocationSelectedListener false
mapControl.setOnMarkerInfoWindowCloseListener {
binding.detailsTextView.visibility = View.GONE
mMapControl?.setMapPadding(0, 0, 0, 0)

Create the showLocationDetails(location: MPLocation) method in your project.

private fun showLocationDetails(location: MPLocation) {
binding.detailsTextView.text = "Name: " + location.name + "\nDescription: " + location.description
binding.detailsTextView.visibility = View.VISIBLE
mMapControl?.setMapPadding(0, 0, 0, binding.detailsTextView.height)

A TextView will now appear when a user selects a location and it will disapear again when the user clicks away from the location.

See the sample in LocationDetailsFragment.kt

  1. Developing on the new Arm-based Apple Silicon (M1) Macs requires building and running on a physical iOS device or using an iOS simulator running iOS 13.7, e.g. iPhone 11. This is a temporary limitation in Google Maps SDK for iOS, and as such also a limitation in MapsIndoors, due to the dependency to Google Maps.
  2. Note: Due to a bug in CocoaPods it is necessary to include the post_install hook in your Podfile described in the PodFile post_install wiki.

This is an example of displaying some details of a MapsIndoors location

Start by creating a UIViewController class that conforms to the GMSMapViewDelegate protocol

class LocationDetailsController: UIViewController, GMSMapViewDelegate {

Add a GMSMapView and a MPMapControl to the class

var map: GMSMapView? = nil
var mapControl: MPMapControl? = nil

Add other views needed for this example

var detailsView:UIStackView = UIStackView.init()
var mainView:UIStackView = UIStackView.init()
var nameLabel = UILabel.init()
var descrLabel = UILabel.init()

Inside viewDidLoad, setup the map and the mapControl instance:

self.map = GMSMapView.init(frame: CGRect.zero)
self.map?.delegate = self
self.map?.camera = .camera(withLatitude: 57.057964, longitude: 9.9504112, zoom: 20)
self.mapControl = MPMapControl.init(map: self.map!)

Setup the label views

nameLabel = UILabel.init()
descrLabel = UILabel.init()
nameLabel.backgroundColor = UIColor.white
descrLabel.backgroundColor = UIColor.white

Arrange the labels inside a stackview

detailsView = UIStackView.init(arrangedSubviews: [nameLabel, descrLabel])
detailsView.axis = .vertical

Arrange the map and the stackview inside another stackview

mainView = UIStackView.init(arrangedSubviews: [map!, detailsView])
mainView.axis = .vertical

When marker is tapped, get related MapsIndoors location object and set label text, based on the name and description of the location

func mapView(_ mapView: GMSMapView, didTap marker: GMSMarker) -> Bool {
let location = mapControl?.getLocation(marker)
if location != nil {
self.nameLabel.text = location?.name
self.descrLabel.text = location?.descr
return false

When map is tapped, reset label text

func mapView(_ mapView: GMSMapView, didTapAt coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D) {
self.nameLabel.text = nil
self.descrLabel.text = nil

See the sample in LocationDetailsController.swift