Create a Search Experience with Android

This is an example of creating a simple search experience using MapsIndoors. We will create a map with a search button that leads to another Fragment that handles the search and selection. On selection of a location, we go back to the map and shows the selected location on the map.

We will start by creating a simple search controller that handles search and selection of MapsIndoors locations

Declare a listener for our location selection with a onUserSelectedLocation method

public class SearchFragment extends Fragment {

Setup member variables for SearchFragment:

  • The selection listener
  • A List View to show the search result
  • Some view components
OnFragmentInteractionListener mListener;
ListView mMainMenuList;
View mMainView;
EditText mSearchEditTextView;
ImageButton mSearchClearBtn;
IconTextListAdapter mListAdapter;
ViewFlipper mViewFlipper;
ImageButton mBackButton;

Init and setup the listView:

mListAdapter = new IconTextListAdapter( getContext(), new ArrayList<>() );
mMainMenuList.setAdapter( mListAdapter );
mMainMenuList.setClickable( true );
mMainMenuList.setOnItemClickListener( mAdapterViewOnItemClickListener );

Init and setup the view components for a better search experience.

Note: Creating a TextWatcher as it's needed for software keyboard support:

mSearchEditTextView.addTextChangedListener( mEditTextViewTextWatcher );
mSearchEditTextView.setOnFocusChangeListener( mEditTextViewOnFocusChangeListener );

Close keyboard and search when user presses search on the keyboard:

mSearchEditTextView.setOnEditorActionListener( mEditTextViewOnEditorActionListener );

Close keyboard and search when user presses enter:

mSearchEditTextView.setOnKeyListener( mEditTextOnKeyListener );

Clear search button:

mSearchClearBtn.setOnClickListener( mClearSearchButtonClickListener );
mSearchClearBtn.setOnFocusChangeListener( mClearSearchButtonFocusChangeListener );

Whenever a user clicks a search result the 'onUserSelectedLocation' of the FragmentInteractionListener is called:

AdapterView.OnItemClickListener mAdapterViewOnItemClickListener = new AdapterView.OnItemClickListener()
public void onItemClick( AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int position, long id )
if( mListener != null ) {
mListener.onUserSelectedLocation( (MPLocation) mListAdapter.getItem( position ) );

Declare an interface that will handle the communication between the fragment and the activity:

public interface OnFragmentInteractionListener
void onUserSelectedLocation( @Nullable MPLocation loc );
public static SearchFragment newInstance()
return new SearchFragment();

See the sample in

Now we will create the "main" controller displaying the map and eventually the selected location.

Start by creating a Fragment:

public class SearchMapFragment extends Fragment

Add a GoogleMap and a MapControl to the class:

MapControl mMapControl;
GoogleMap mGoogleMap;

Add other needed views for this example:

SupportMapFragment mMapFragment;
Button searchButton;
MPLocation locationToSelect = null;

A listener to report the click on the search Button to the activity:

private OnFragmentInteractionListener mListener;

The Venue's coordinates:

static final LatLng VENUE_LAT_LNG = new LatLng( 57.05813067, 9.95058065 );

Setting the API key to the desired Solution:

if( !MapsIndoors.getAPIKey().equalsIgnoreCase( getString( R.string.mi_api_key ) ) )
MapsIndoors.setAPIKey( getString( R.string.mi_api_key ) );

Instantiate the MapControl object:

mMapControl = new MapControl( context );
mMapControl.setGoogleMap( mGoogleMap, mMapFragment.getView() );
// Enable the search button only once location data becomes available
MapsIndoors.addLocationSourceOnStatusChangedListener( locationSourceOnStatusChangedListener );
  • Initialize the MapControl object which will sync data.
  • When the init is done, if the 'locationToSelect' is not null we call the 'mMapControl.selectLocation()' to select the desired location, otherwise select a floor
mMapControl.init( miError -> {
if( miError == null )
final Activity _context = getActivity();
if( _context != null )
mGoogleMap.animateCamera( CameraUpdateFactory.newLatLngZoom( VENUE_LAT_LNG, 20f ) );
if( locationToSelect != null )
mMapControl.selectLocation( locationToSelect );
locationToSelect = null;
mMapControl.selectFloor( 1 );

A public method to select a location:

public void selectLocation( MPLocation loc )
locationToSelect = loc;

See the sample in