Show the Blue Dot with MapsIndoors - Part 2

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A newer version of the MapsIndoors SDK for iOS is available. The legacy version will not receive new features and will only get critical bugfix and security updates.

This is part 2 of the tutorial of managing a blue dot on the map. In Part 1 we created the position provider. Now we will create a view controller displaying a map that shows the users (mock) location.

Create a class ShowMyLocationController that inherits from UIViewController.

class ShowMyLocationController: UIViewController {

Add a GMSMapView and a MPMapControl to the class

var map: GMSMapView? = nil
var mapControl: MPMapControl? = nil

override func viewDidLoad() {


Inside viewDidLoad, setup the map so that it shows the demo venue and initialise mapControl = GMSMapView.init(frame:
self.view = = .camera(withLatitude: 57.057964, longitude: 9.9504112, zoom: 20)
self.mapControl = MPMapControl.init(map:!)

Inside viewDidLoad

  • Tell mapControl to show the users location
  • Assign your position provider MyPositionProvider to MapsIndoors.positionProvider
  • Start positioning
MapsIndoors.positionProvider = MyPositionProvider()

See the sample in ShowMyLocationController.swift