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MapsIndoors collaborates with Google Maps to provide you with an interactive map of the outside and inside world. In this section, you will learn the prerequisites needed to be met before you can start building your app.

Google Maps API Key

Firstly, you need to setup a new project in the Google Cloud Console.. Afterwards, you should navigate to the Maps API Library Page, and ensure the following APIs and SDK are enabled,

  • Google Maps Distance Matrix API
  • Google Maps Directions API
  • Google Places API
  • Maps SDK for Android/iOS or Maps JavaScript API

Finally, retrieve your API key from the Credentials Page at, create credentials -> API key

MapsIndoors API Key

For the purposes of this guide you can use the MapsIndoors API demo key d876ff0e60bb430b8fabb145. Alternatively, feel free to contact MapsPeople with your building drawings so you can receive a unique API key.

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