Get Directions and Show the Result on a Map - Part 1

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A newer version of the MapsIndoors SDK for iOS is available. The legacy version will not receive new features and will only get critical bugfix and security updates.

In this tutorial we will request a route, list the route parts and render these on a Google Map. A MapsIndoors route is made of one or more legs, each containing one or more steps.

We will start by making the controller that renders the route from the input of a route, a leg index and optionally a step index. Start by creating a UIViewController implementation that conforms to MPDirectionsRendererDelegate

class ShowRouteOnMapController: UIViewController, MPDirectionsRendererDelegate {

Setup member variables for MySearchController:

  • An instance of type GMSMapView
  • An instance of type MPMapControl
  • An instance of type MPRoute (the route object)
  • A leg index
  • A step index
var map: GMSMapView? = nil
var mapControl: MPMapControl? = nil
var route:MPRoute? = nil
var leg:Int = -1
var step:Int = -1

Create an initializer for your input parameters

convenience init(_ route:MPRoute, _ leg:Int, _ step:Int) {
self.init(nibName:nil, bundle:nil)
self.route = route
self.leg = leg
self.step = step

Setup the Google map and your MPMapControl instance = GMSMapView.init(frame:
self.view = = .camera(withLatitude: 57.057964, longitude: 9.9504112, zoom: 20)
self.mapControl = MPMapControl.init(map:!)

Inside viewDidAppear, setup a directions renderer and assign the Google map, route object and leg/step indices. Eventually, call the animate method to make it animate from the start to end of the leg/step

let renderer = MPDirectionsRenderer.init()

renderer.delegate = self
renderer.fitBounds = true =
renderer.route = route

renderer.routeLegIndex = leg
renderer.routeStepIndex = step

In the floorDidChange delegate method change the floor on your MPMapControl instance

func floorDidChange(_ floor: NSNumber) {
mapControl?.currentFloor = floor

In Part 2 we will create the map view controller that displays the blue dot.

See the sample in ShowRouteOnMapController.swift